I met Caleb Wilde (and his future wife, Nicole) while serving with Youth With A Mission in my late teens. Fast-forward almost fifteen years, Caleb has a graduate degree in Theology, runs a funeral home and is famous for writing about both (simultaneously hilarious and thought-provoking). In fact, he was recently interviewed by The High Calling about his uncommon work and writing theme. 

Caleb Wilde is that rare breed of death writer who doesn’t write about death from the perspective of someone dying or someone having buried a loved one. A sixth generation funeral director in small-town Pennsylvania, Wilde’s popular blog, Confessions of a Funeral Director, has earned him a wide following and appearances at Ted-X and on “20/20” for its frank, funny, and sensitive posts about a universal, yet taboo topic. On the day we talked to Wilde, he was in the midst of two funerals. Our interview by Christine A. Scheller, about his primary work and his death education efforts, has been edited for length and clarity.

Read the full interview here.