“If soccer is going on, I’m down to play!” said Walker Stone when describing his two mission trips to Jacob’s Well.  “I played so much soccer with the older boys from the village, and I was having so much fun, that I started to worry maybe this wasn’t really serving the kids of Haiti the way I was supposed to!”

Walker took this concern to his mentors and learned he was making connections with boys that no one else succeeded in reaching.  “We connected because we all loved the game,” Walker said. “Soccer is a universal language.  God is also a universal language.”

Walker, 17, is an eight-year veteran of Laity Lodge Youth Camp.  Walker will be at camp next summer and is excited about making the leap from camper to staff.  “God has a plan for me.  He has given me the gift of faith and a sense of purpose.”

Walker hasn’t chosen a college major yet, but he said, “Haiti gave me the sense that I can do God’s work through my work, whether it’s construction or being a pastor.  I feel like the hand of God is on me and will guide me, whatever I do.”