How many summers did you spend in the Canyon?

My LLYC adventure started when I was 13. My first summer was spent in Cabin E. I went on to spend 6 more years out there as a camper, on Work Crew and as a Counselor.

What are you up to these days?

I am knee deep in being a Wife and Mommy. I am married to Patrick Collier and this past November we celebrated 10 years! My two girls, Hampton Jane (3 1/2 years) and Merrick Anne (8 Months), keep me very busy. I spent 9 years as an educator, but decided to stay home a year after Hampton Jane was born. In addition to being a mommy, I spend a lot of time volunteering for the Junior League of Fort Worth. I also decided to try a new sport besides running…tennis. While I may not be very good, it is a lot of fun and keeps me active!


Do you have a favorite camp memory?

This is a hard one! I have so MANY wonderful memories at LLYC! It really is a second home to me. My work crew summer was probably the most memorable. There were so many fun moments during this summer; the relationships, the food fights, the pig bucket, the cabin raids, frozen grapes with Kool-aid and the blood, sweat and tears shed all in the name of self-sacrifice. I love how God can make self-sacrifice such a blessing!!! The memory that keeps coming back to me is when the cooks had some rolls set out to rise, I thought it would be funny to poke holes in them. Needless to say, when the cooks found out, they made sure I had a dip in the pig bucket!!! It was pretty nasty to say the least!!!!

I also really loved being a counselor and forming lasting relationships with my campers. Thanks to Facebook, it is very easy to keep in touch!


General memories that I love about LLYC; relationships, friendships, Cabin Time, spit pit, ropes course, sneaking out, round up, group games as a Tejas, Cross Talk, Antenna, running to Blue Hole, sitting outside the old ranch house after meals and talking, people always joking and laughing, etc. The list could go on forever!!!!

What do you miss most about your summers at camp?

I miss the people and the relationships that are built over the summer. LLYC is a place that allows you to come as you are and people love you no matter what! I also miss being outside in the canyon. There is something truly magical about being in the midst of something God created and is using to further His Kingdom.

How does LLYC still impact your life today?

As I mentioned before, Laity Lodge is a second home to me. It is part of who I am. So, songs, memories, and smells (Lysol or Pine Sol anyone?) always take me back there in a split second! In addition, I learned the value of spending time with people and investing in others is the key to building friendships and telling people about Jesus. I pray my girls have an opportunity to experience the wonderful blessing of LLYC.



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