Another year and Chandler is still here. Chandler continues to serve as LLYC Senior Director this summer, moving out to the Canyon just like he has every summer since 1995. This year he will continue to support Beck and Jacqueline at Singing Hills and Karla and Tom at Echo Valley.

Behind every great man is a great woman, and Chandler is no exception. His wife, Margo, serves as the LLYC Healthcare Coordinator and has built the Healthcare program from scratch, spending countless hours recruiting and training LLYC doctors and nurses. She also works part-time in the off season as a registered nurse at Peterson Ambulatory Surgical Center in Kerrville.

Chandler and Margo have three over-the-top children who have all served at LLYC for many summers in many capacities: Marshall (Texas A&M University, Class of 2015), Maggie (Texas A&M University, Journalism major), and Mollie (Texas A&M University, Business major).

God is good. He has changed many lives through the Pruitts. They are looking forward with great excitement and anticipation to another crazy summer.