Austin native Jacqueline Brustkern first came to LLYC the summer after her freshman year at UT. Jacqueline recalls having a real desire to work at a camp and had opportunity to interview with quite a few. But it was her interview with Karla, along with a number of LLYC friends, that ultimately swayed her decision to accept a temporary full time position at LLYC. “It wasn’t a checklist of my abilities or personality,” says Jacqueline. “It was an authentic conversation. I felt like Karla really wanted to know me—which I learned is a true reflection of LLYC.” Having served as an EV counselor, SH Crew Boss, SH Assistant Girls’ Director, and LLYC Intern, Jacqueline brings diverse experience and relationships to her current role.

Jacqueline jokes that her friends might describe her as a bit indecisive. But when the position at LLYC presented itself, she knew with absolute clarity it was the right fit. Her friends were shocked at her quick decisiveness—maybe for the first time ever! Jacqueline is excited to invest in something she cares so deeply for—a place and ministry she loves. A place to which God keeps bringing her back.

With a Bachelor of Science and Arts in Nutrition, Certification in Business Foundations and a Minor in Kinesiology from the University of Texas, Jacqueline is excited to continue serving at LLYC.