Wylie’s happiest summer memories are all tied to LLYC, where she was a camper from 2001 to 2007. As is often the case, her time on Work Crew at Echo Valley in 2008 was her favorite summer yet; it opened up wholly new ways to think about ministry and the call to hospitality.

These twin interests led Wylie to Baylor University, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in 2013, and later Duke Divinity School, where she received an MDiv. In addition to getting to live in Durham, North Carolina, her graduate studies offered Wylie the opportunity to continue working at LLYC in the summer, where she led the Singing Hills kitchen for six years.

Wylie and her husband Grant have an eleven-year-old Australian Shepherd named Kipper, with whom they enjoy going for walks and watching The Office. They love having folks over for supper and playing board games. Wylie is a (slow) runner, an (avid) reader of just about anything, and a (novice) seamstress. She loves being part of the LLYC team and, though an introvert, will happily talk over a cup of tea anytime.