My last year on staff in the Canyon was the first year the “new” ranch house was open. So imagine my surprise when I saw today’s Sugar Shack. It is crazy happening. Let me catch you up to speed.

Things you didn’t know about Sugar Shack:

1. They have a website (The whole parent portal thing is a-ma-zing)

2. They now sell LLYC Crazy Creeks and jewelry


3. Uniquely tailored online by parents, the Sugar Shack gals create beautiful care packages for campers every single day.


In case this picture is foreign to you, let me give you some background behind the bags, tissue paper and decorative ribbon.

When Emily McRae came on staff for the youth camp 13 years ago, she had a care package idea that brought sugar shack and mail time to a whole new level out in the Canyon.

“We came up with this idea to help parents and family members get to experience a little of what their camper is experiencing at camp. It is a real and tangible way to connect with their camper. By being able to see their faces and/or  send them a sweet something….note, t-shirt, candy, whatever…it calms our parents’ hearts and helps them feel some security in knowing they are able to reach out to their kiddo.  Parents are forever going through photos…daily…to just get a glimpse.  They want to know their camper is having fun and being well loved….this little thing gets to let them see and experience that.” 

So, no, camp hasn’t sold out. They are creating even more opportunities for parents to love on their kids while they are having the best two weeks of their lives.

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