Catch the historical scoop on H.E.B in what Dan Roloff is calling, “…the best article I’ve ever seen on Florence Butt.”


As H-E-B celebrates its 110th year in existence, it is worthwhile to reflect on its very modest beginnings.

The story begins with Florence Clementine Thornton, who was born to John and Mary Susan Kimbrough Thornton in Buena Vista, Chikasaw County, Mississippi, on September 19, 1864. This was eight months before the end of the Civil War.

She was the youngest child of six sisters and two bro- thers. Her father was a farmer. She often aided her two preacher brothers in conducting revivals.

After grade school she attended, as the only female student, Clinton College, a Baptist school in Clinton, Kentucky. She was graduated with honors. This school was to close in 1915. Florence then taught school.

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