Kristen Camp Raven knows LLYC inside and out, so we should pay attention when she gives us 5 reasons she will send her own three children to LLYC.

Here’s a sneak peek!

Here’s why I’m hoping to send my own little rascals when the time comes:

1. I want them to develop a spiritual life of their own. At LLYC, I was given space and time to pray in my own words and explore the Bible for myself. Worship times were no longer obligatory or rote, but instead became occasions for me to express sincere feelings toward God.

2. I want them to see what it looks like when young adults follow Jesus. Well before they shared the Gospel with me, I knew there was something different about my counselors and I was fascinated to hear how they thought about life. My counselors completely changed my perception of what it meant to be a Christian.

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