Tom Bowyer

Tom Bowyer
Echo Valley Director

Tom Bowyer is originally from Clemson, South Carolina, and he grew up going to camp every summer at Deerfoot Lodge, a Christian boys camp in upstate New York. Camp had a profound influence on his life, eventually leading him to study Recreation and Youth Ministry at Southern Wesleyan University in Central, South Carolina.

After graduation, Tom chased a wonderful woman to Texas, married her, and went into full-time Christian camping. Tom loves that camp causes kids to step out of their comfort zones, meet new people and try new things, and see God differently or for the first time. He spent four years as a Director at Camp Cho-Yeh in east Texas before moving his family to Fredericksburg to be closer to home. When he found out about an opportunity to come on board with LLYC through Chandler Pruitt, he knew God was guiding him.

He currently lives in Fredericksburg, where his wife, Brynn, grew up. She teaches Creative Writing at Ambleside School in Fredericksburg and loves to read and sing among many things. She spends most of her time with their daughter, Piper, and two sons, Finley and Rowan (who was born in March).