Who We Are

Laity Lodge Youth Camp is a coed, interdenominational Christian youth camp focusing on spontaneity, fun, and relationships to show kids the best two weeks of their lives, while sharing with them the Gospel message and love of Jesus Christ. LLYC is dedicated to providing campers with healthy fun in an emotionally safe learning environment.

Our History

LLYC was established in 1966 by the H.E. Butt Foundation with the goal of becoming a premier Christian youth camp. Our founders, Howard Butt, Sr., his wife Mary Holdsworth Butt, Bill Cody, and Frog Sullivan crafted a vision for a different kind of youth camp – one that prioritized relationships, less structure, and a message of unconditional love.

Bill Cody eventually took some time to record the history of LLYC and the original vision that our founders articulated in 1966. Even now, after fifty years of fine tuning our camp program, we feel that this vision has never changed.

“First, we wanted every kid who came to camp to have fun. In fact, we wanted it to be the best time [they] had ever had in [their] whole life. Second, we wanted every child to discover and experience [themselves] as a person, as a Child of God, loved and worthy. Third, we wanted to create an environment of love and trust where every child would feel safe and feel that [they] had a place as a unique individual person under God and in this special community. Fourth, we wanted to teach the central truths of Scripture, but not in a classroom style, but rather through modeling and experience.”

Since its conception, Laity Lodge Youth Camp has been mindful of the needs of youth and young adults and passionate about offering them the very best summer camp experience. We are ever thankful for the unique vision of our founders, and as we survey the needs of young people in our world today, we are continually reaffirmed in the simplicity and beauty of this vision. We are excited to carry it forward for generations to come.

Our Heart

At LLYC, most of our time is spent having fun, building relationships, playing outside, and enjoying the incredible Frio river canyon. Our staff and campers often dive into discussions along the way about God, faith, and life. Each day we have a few planned times where we prioritize spiritual matters.

Every morning, each camp has a short devotional time where campers will experience peace and quiet, an introduced topic or activity, scripture to consider, and usually some discussion led by our staff. Every night all of camp gathers for what is called “Roundup.” Campers are invited to sing, laugh, participate, and listen to a biblically centered talk from one of our leadership staff. After Roundup, campers return to their cabins to discuss the talk with their counselors. We call this “Cabin Time.” It is an opportunity for people to share and be vulnerable with one another, talk about life, struggles, concerns, confusions, etc.

From night to night, we discuss topics that build on one another and differ a bit depending on the age group (Singing Hills vs. Echo Valley). Here are a few of the things we like to talk about:

God and Creation – We discuss God’s character, his creation, his loving nature, his perfection, and his plan.

Humanity and Our Nature – We discuss that we are beautifully made in God’s image, yet we are sinful and broken. We need Jesus.

Jesus’ Life and Teachings – We discuss various stories of Jesus from the New Testament and what we can learn from them. We talk about how Jesus loved everyone, healed and restored the weak, and taught how to love God and others with our lives.

Jesus’ Death on a Cross – We discuss Jesus’ sacrificial death and what it means for us – that we are offered forgiveness, freedom, acceptance and worth.

Jesus’ Resurrection – We emphasize that Jesus’ resurrection demonstrated God’s victory over death and God’s power to move things from death to life in our own lives. We talk about how this gives us great hope for the future!

The Holy Spirit and our New Life – We discuss the Holy Spirit’s role as counselor and guide. We emphasize that in Christ, we are a new creation. As we walk in the Spirit, we are being transformed and renewed which leads to abundant life.

Scripture – We teach that the Bible is alive, active, and applicable to our lives today. We share that it is God’s great story from which we can learn much about him and his ways. We teach that its pages contain truth and wisdom that is life-changing.

Prayer – We teach that prayer is talking to and being mindful of God. And we talk about how prayer can look different for everyone. We emphasize that in prayer we find a relationship with God which enables us to find peace, joy, hope, perspective and direction in our lives.

The Christian Life – We talk about what it means to “follow” Jesus. We teach the centrality of unconditional love, others-mindedness, and the value of trusting God. We talk about how faith isn’t only knowledge of God, but that it should cause us to live our lives differently. There are temptations, trials, and negative influences all around us. We talk about how we can respond to those things.

Christian Community – We share how Christian community offers us a place to find love and encouragement, receive instruction, and be challenged to love and serve others more. We emphasize how everyone can contribute to a community like this in meaningful ways. We challenge our campers to prioritize a Christian community back at home.

Our Hope

At LLYC, we care deeply about your children’s lives both at camp and when they return home. We desire to cultivate wholeness in your children and hope that this leads to healthy families. During camp we talk often about life at home and how campers can return home renewed, refocused and ready to be who God has created them to be. We hope you will find opportunities to build on what we discuss this coming year.

If your child or your family are looking for a church community or Christian organization in your area to get involved in, we want to help. LLYC has connections and alumni all over Texas and beyond. Please contact us at llycinfo@llyc.org, and we would love to assist you in finding the right church or organization for you.

Our Camps

LLYC is dedicated to providing campers with healthy fun in an emotionally safe learning environment.

Singing Hills

Grades 2 - 5

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Echo Valley

Grades 6 - 10

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