How does food factor into showing kids an incredible camp experience? Well, quite a lot, actually!

At LLYC, we hold food service to the same standard as all other aspects of camp … excellence with a high calling. We believe good food and a great meal experience is integral to the ministry and program of camp. Its quality reflects the broader program as a whole.

During the months of September through May, a great deal of planning and forethought go into food services for the following summer and for each camperʼs meal experience as a whole. The Laity Lodge Camping Programs Executive Chef and camp directors spend time together, evaluating and tweaking the entire food experience, including safety, nutrition, taste/quality, and fun! It is our mission to ensure that meal time reflects the excellence, creativity, and spontaneity of LLYC.

In keeping with the importance placed on feedback from our camper evaluations and relationships around the table, most meals will be served “buffet style.”  Campers and counselors will go through the buffet line at the same time which allows them to sit down together fostering a family dynamic.  This helps to alleviate any uncertainty or insecurity on the campers’ part about where to sit or who to sit with.  At camp, we want to encourage a real sense of community, and meal times are the perfect chance to do just that.

With allergy awareness and food sensitivities on the rise, parent communication remains crucial to meal planning. On opening day, our Resident Kitchen Manager is set up to conference with each camperʼs parent regarding any allergies or food sensitivities. LLYC does not offer peanuts or peanut products. If there is a severe nut allergy (airborne or other), LLYC is prepared to remove all nuts and nut derivatives from camp on a case-by-case basis. In such a situation, all peanut or tree nut related items are removed from the kitchen, Sugar Shack, and cabins for the session. Care packages are searched, and all nut items are removed prior to delivery. Camper safety and parents’ peace of mind is always our top priority. Please feel free to reach out to our Director of Food Service for Laity Lodge Camping Programs, Kris Cyprian, if you have any questions!

This summer, we truly look forward to developing community around the table and enjoying fun, nutritious, wonderful meals together!



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