Laity Lodge Youth Camp is a Christian youth camp nestled in the Texas Hill Country's stunning Frio River Canyon. Year after year LLYC has been offering campers the best two weeks of their lives. LLYC is a blend of high-energy recreation, wilderness experiences, and meaningful community. Campers get to be themselves, develop relationships with their peers and counselors, all the while being encouraged to more deeply discover faith and God.

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When we say the best two weeks ever, we mean more than just swimming in the Frio, rock-climbing, playing dodgeball, and dancing the night away.

Campers talk about real life with each other and our carefully selected counselors. They form lasting friendships. They grow spiritually during morning Bible-study, Roundup, Cabin Time, or just hanging out. Beyond just having a blast, we hope our camper's lives are transformed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What size trunk does my camper need?
To fit under the bunk beds, it is recommended that Echo Valley campers have trunks measuring 15” high x 34”long, while Singing Hills campers need trunks measuring 13” high and 30” long. Trunks are easier for your camper to find their stuff in, while suitcases are NOT preferred.
2What is the counselor-to-camper ratio?
Our overall camper-to-counselor ratio is approximately four to one.
3Can I come visit or call my camper while he/she is at camp?
We encourage you to contact your camper through letters, care packages, and email. We do not encourage phone calls or allow visits, because we have found that this disrupts the camp and camper experience. We are fully conscious of our responsibility for the care of your child, and we take this responsibility very seriously.
4Can my camper bring his/her cell phone?
Fortunately, we do not have cell phone reception in the Canyon, so cell phones will not work. Might be a good idea for them to stay at home, safe and sound. As with all possessions that are brought to camp, there is always potential for accidents and theft. We try to do our best to keep this from happening, but we have had a few incidents in the past. So, please consider that as you choose what favorite, valuable trinkets to bring!
5What can I send my camper in a care package? Can I send food?
Care Packages are fun and a great way to communicate with your camper. Fill them with your camper’s favorite things, including favorite foods.
6Should I send my camper with money?
At Singing Hills, canteen is included in the registration fee; therefore, campers are not required to bring any extra money. At Echo Valley, we offer an on-site general store, Sugar Shack, where campers are given the opportunity to make purchases. Sugar Shack purchases are not included in the registration fee. The Sugar Shack is supplied with candy, snacks, film, books, and clothing. The Echo Valley Sugar Shack is a service we offer and is not mandatory.
7Where is LLYC located?
LLYC is situated along the banks of the Frio River on the 1,900-acre H. E. Butt Foundation property deep in the Texas Hill Country, 13 miles north of Leakey on U.S. Highway 83. The camp is approximately 120 miles northwest of San Antonio and 60 miles west of Kerrville.
8How does lost and found work?
Label, Label, Label everything with your camper’s first and last name. LLYC is not responsible for missing items; however, items found at the close of each camp session are brought to the Kerrville office to return if identifiable. All returns will be made as soon as possible and mailed to the home address via U.S. First-Class Mail. All postage will be prepaid, but ask that the postage be reimbursed for return of Lost and Found items. (Lost and Found items will only be held for two weeks, so check your camper’s bag before leaving camp. All unclaimed items will be donated to a local charity.)
9Is there a discount for multiple siblings?
At this time, we do not offer a multiple-sibling discount.
10Can my camper be in the same cabin as his/her friend?
Campers are assigned to cabins by grade. A roommate request may be made, but it must be a reciprocal request from another camper of the same grade: We cannot guarantee all such requests. Only one request per camper, please.
11What time is drop off/pick up? Are there any closing day activities that we should plan on attending?
Opening Day has become a fun time for the whole family! Check-in will begin at 2:00 p.m. when our staff will stage a party at each camp until 4:00 p.m. We ask that you please comply with the start time and not arrive earlier than 1:00 p.m. Closing Day check out begins promptly at 8:00 a.m. and should conclude by 11:00 a.m. Families are invited to a continental breakfast on each closing Saturday.
12What is the quality of your summer staff?
We take great pride and care in the selection of each member of our staff. Our staff members have the highest integrity, personal and spiritual maturity, and an enthusiasm for life and working with young people. Each staff member is personally interviewed, reference-checked, and background-checked before they step foot on our property. Once here, they receive 40-80 hours of intensive job-specific training.
13What if my child isn’t a good swimmer?
We take the waterfront and all water activities very seriously. We have a required swim test on opening day of every session that every camper must participate in. If they don’t like to swim, or don’t want to swim at all during their time at camp, we will make an exception and not make them take the swim test. The test consists of a short-distance swim and then treading water for 30 seconds. This just gives us an idea of their swimming ability and lets us see their confidence in the water. If they do not pass their test, we will ask them to swim only in the shallow water and/or wear a life jacket when they plan to swim in deep water. We also have gobs of really good-looking, Red Cross certified lifeguards on the waterfront any time there is an opportunity to play, swim, kayak, or canoe in the Frio River. We keep the lifeguard-to-camper ratio at 1-10.
14What if my camper gets homesick?
Homesickness is fairly common among our elementary-age campers; however, it can happen with middle school and high school campers as well. Most homesickness occurs with campers who are away from home for the very first time. This is completely normal. Our whole focus for the first few days of camp is to integrate your child in community. We help facilitate friendship within the cabins with both peers and counselors. We know when the lonely times are (at rest time and bed time), and we work hard to console and comfort them as well as redirect them. Generally, homesickness will fade away as the campers settle into the agenda of camp, and usually, that occurs within the first 24-48 hours. Don’t panic if you get a letter stained with tears and asking you to come rescue them! Call the directors first, and they will give you a first-hand report on your camper.
15Will my camper’s athletic/school physical work for the health form?
You bet! Just print out our LLYC Health Form (located in your camper’s Countdown to Camp), fill out the top portion, and attach your camper’s athletic/school physical to the LLYC form.
16What if the river floods?
Through experience, we know how much rain it takes to create a rise in the river. We also have a river monitoring system that notifies us if the river begins to rise at the headwaters (Blue Hole). If we experience a rise in the river, we shut off all traffic in the river, and the roads are chained closed. All of the campers (and cabins) are well above flood plains. We make sure the campers are kept out of the river at a safe distance. We will continually post information about weather and floods on our website.
17Can I put my camper on the wait list for next summer?
Registration for any given summer is done prior to that year. A camper may be put on a wait list for that summer only. If your camper does not clear the wait list, they will be eligible for early registration the following summer.
18What denomination is your camp?
Our camp is a Christian interdenominational camp. We are not affiliated with a specific denomination.

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Beck Marlar

Singing Hills Director

Tom Bowyer

Echo Valley Director

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Echo Valley Director

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If you are looking for a summer job that will change your life and the lives of others, we have an opportunity for you. Laity Lodge Youth Camp is an incredible place to serve God, love others, be somewhere beautiful, and have a ton of fun. If you are interested in being challenged, encouraged, stretched, inspired, motivated, and transformed, this is the place for you.

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