20-Somethings, You Matter to Us!

If you have ever spent time at one of our alumni gatherings, you have witnessed the strong connection that binds generations of campers and staff who have passed through the Canyon gate. Though the decades of these alumni may vary, the special bond of shared experience and relationship remains constant. For more than 50 years, we have witnessed the Lord work in the lives of our alumni.

This is the heart of our mission at the H. E. Butt Foundation: to help people live whole, healthy, and integrated lives. Each year we hire hundreds of college students who genuinely invest in this mission through their work at LLYC and LLFC. In turn, The H. E. Butt Family Foundation wants to reinvest in these young staff as they develop careers, families, and a faith of their own. Other than inviting them back to the Canyon, how can we encourage them towards wholeness, health, and integration?

In prayerfully asking those questions, we come back to the the relationships between our young alumni and our established alumni communities across Texas and beyond. These connections naturally extend the hope of our mission beyond the Canyon walls.

Sabra (Dunham) Boone has led our Alumni program for more than eight years now, and this spring, she is working with our very own Beck Marlar—LLYC SH Director—in a specific effort to integrate our recent graduate LLYC/LLFC alumni into the extended alumni community.

We are certain there are “connector types with a heart for our 20 somethings” in every generation of our alumni; it’s just a matter of identifying them, articulating our mission, and inviting them on board the Alumni Ambassadors program.

“We have a few smaller and larger events in the works in the upcoming year,” Beck said. “This spring we will kick things off with two graduation celebrations—one in Austin and one in College Station. Mainly we want to come together and say to these recent grad alumni, ‘We love you. Thanks for what you have done. And know that we will be with you in these next steps of your life relationally, vocationally, spiritually.’ ”