2018 Adopt-A-Staff Stories

Somehow summer 2018 at LLYC has ended and the counselors are now gearing back up for school. LLYC Alumni wants to thank everyone who participated in our Adopt-A-Staff program this summer. We heard back from several of you about your experiences this summer. We were so encouraged to hear how many of you were blessed by participating. We encourage you guys to keep in touch with your counselors this coming year! They are always so encouraged by hearing from alumni with whom they share the LLYC bond.

Enjoy some of the feedback we got!

“We really enjoyed being a part of the adopt a staff program. We especially loved connecting with Mary Beth. She was out the first half of the summer after tearing her ACL but said she loved having letters there waiting for her when she got back. It really was a very meaningful part of our summer. Tears were shed at pick up today – so much love present in that moment. We also got some really great pictures. Thanks for organizing this!”

-Jennifer Randall

“I got to meet Courtney, my first half counselor! She was so sweet and bonded with my daughter, Hallie, while she was there (as a camper). We connected and I plan to keep in touch with her throughout her school year. My daughter and I want to continue to surprise her with care packages…I love this program and would definitely do it again!”

“(This program) is one of my faves, especially since both of mine were former campers — and there will be more next year as well! Both of my girls were pretty responsive and I was able to get some goodies to them via Kelsie or Sugar Shack…it’s one of my favorite things in the world.”

“Adopt a staff program was incredible. I had Gabriele and she was awesome. I know there was much prayer and thought put into this program and I continue to feel blessed by this LLYC Family.”

“This program was a great idea! We heard back from our staffer during the second half of the summer several times which was very rewarding.”

“I think (Adopt- A-Staff) is a great idea. If I had been adopted by an alumnus when I was a staff member, I would have been so jazzed! Living in CA makes it nearly impossible to meet them, although I knew one of them from previous summers in the canyon. I would do it again next summer.”

“I was adopted the last two summers I worked at camp and, although I never met my adopters, I loved getting packages and nice letters.”

“Thank you so much for thinking of/executing such a great program to connect the alumni with current counselors!”

“Always love being able to participate in this program! I had a hilarious experience with my first half person, because their name was Riley. I just assumed it was a girl, but when I got a letter back from him, I was so confused! Thankfully, I hadn’t put any real gender-specific terms in my initial letter to him, but I was not expecting that! So funny! He was so sweet and wrote back with specific ways that I could be praying for he and his cos, as well as their campers. I loved that!”

“Hi I loved the program! It was really comforting to know that someone was intentionally praying for me while I was at camp! I did get to meet my sponsor and she sent me fun care packages. I really enjoyed getting to know her and it was a really positive thing for me.”

-An Adopted Staffer