Bill Grogan’s Goat & Rodeo

Bill Grogan’s Goat is a Rodeo Round Up classic at LLYC. These three alums brought the acoustic version of this classic back into the Canyon last week and the crowd loved it.

Not only did we do round one with the basic repeat, but we also stuck a huge handful of sunflower seeds in our mouths for a second round. It was amazing. And while we’ve always ended the song with “flag the train” there is more! Check out the full lyrics to Bill Grogan’s Goat! Yikes.

Bill Grogan’s goat,
was feeling fine.
Ate three red shirts,
right off the line.

Bill took a stick,
gave him three whacks,
And tied him to,
the railroad tracks.

The whistle blew,
the train grew nigh;
Bill Grogan’s goat,
was doomed to die.

He gave three moans,
of mortal pain,
Threw up those shirts,
and flagged that train.

The Engineer,
got out to see,
What in the world,
this thing could be.

And when he saw,
It was a goat,
Pulled out his knife,
and cut its throat.

Now Billy Goat
is really dead,
He went to heaven,
without a head.

And when he got there,
St. Peter said,
‘Dear Billy Goat,
where is your head?’

I do not know,
I cannot tell,
For all I know,
It just may be …

Way down yonder in the paw paw patch.