Campout from Home

How to #LLYCfromhome
campout style

Create your own LLYC Experience at home!

  1. Pack an overnight bag and go on a hike! Don’t forget to fill up your water bottle!
  2. Once you have chosen the best spot to sleep, set up your sleeping bag. Could be in your backyard or in your living room, just be sure your counselors (parents) know where you  are!
  3. Build a fort and set up your campsite! This is a guy’s campout must. ⛺
  4. Win best skit? We love a little competition! 🏆
  5. A few more ideas:
    Stay up late sharing secrets. 🔦
    Tell your spookiest ghost story!
    Make smore’s in the oven or over a fire pit!
    Jalapeno poppers and ribs are another favorite campout classic.
    Have Pop Tarts & cereal the next morning! Team brown sugar all the way!
  6. Once you’ve packed up your campsite, crawl back in your real bed and take a long nap.

We want to see how you & your family are camping out from home!

Upload your photos and videos here or tag us on social media @llyouthcamp, using #LLYCFROMHOME.