“It was Frog who spoke to us at Roundups. I had accepted Christ and been baptized and all that fun stuff, but it was Frog who got to me, who helped me get it … who helped me to understand and internalize that we are flawed and God loves us anyway.”

“What a great man who had a huge impact on us all.”

“Frog led me to Jesus during a Third Session Cross Talk in July 1988. I’ll be forever grateful for his ministry at LLYC!”

“What an amazing man! He taught me so much about what is truly important in the world!”

“Frog led me to Christ, and for that I will be eternally grateful!”

“I would love to know how many young people Frog led to Christ. I bet the number would be staggering.”

“Frog was best at showing that there was nothing boring about being a Christian. He showed that you could all-out play and laugh hard, but that it was the day-to-day relationship with Jesus that satisfied, filled every need, filled that empty space. Frog didn’t mind doing crazy things and getting you to join him. LLYC is what it is — the best 2 weeks of your life — because Frog knew kids could laugh, cry, sing, play, and get to know Jesus on a personal level. Frog and I had a deep friendship. He allowed me to stay session after session, year after year. He not only gave his summers, but also his Christmas time — our ski trips (Lake Eldora) were LLYC on skis!! I won’t ever forget his Cross Talks, sitting on his back porch overlooking the camp, the summer of the big flood when we watched the “wall of water” come down the river. I won’t forget the Bible studies on the back porch of the old Ranch House at 6 a.m., I won’t forget his loud voice, all the Roundups where he led countless kids to Christ. I have loved him since I was 10 — and look forward to seeing him again. I miss you, Frog!”

“My favorite [memory] is the last day at LLYC in 1969. That afternoon we had a worship service for the staff. Frog and I sat together. At the end of the service, he handed me a blank card on which he had written: “Something good is going to happen to you, because Jesus passed this way.” The card is still in my wallet. When we met for the worship service to bless the Frog Sullivan Pavilion at Echo Valley, I pulled the card out of my wallet to show Frog. It was a great moment.”