LLYC Alumni does Laity Lodge Family Camp

LLYC Alumni Fall 2018 LLFC Group Photo

The rain took a small break last weekend while our beloved LLYC Alumni descended upon LLFC for some family fun in the Canyon. So many well-loved alums gathered together, swapping stories, counting up the years since they’d been back to this place they hold so dear, all while making new memories with their families over a sweet weekend at Headwaters. Pumpkins were carved, Round Up classics were belted out and you better believe dance moves were shown off Saturday night (because you can’t go to camp without having a camp dance)!

Ain’t no dance like a camp dance!

We caught up with two LLYC All-Stars who shared a few words about what the weekend meant to them.

“This past weekend at Laity Lodge Family Camp was my first time back in the Canyon since I was a Singing Hills counselor in the summer of 2000. It is a place where I spent many years as a Camper, served on Work Crew, and was a Counselor. And now this is a place where my family can experience those same memories I hold so dear to my heart. LLFC gave us the gift of quality time with one another, fellowship with new and old friends, and a beautiful setting to experience and connect with God. I left with a grateful heart and now that we are home and still on a “camp high” you can find me and my family belting out Round Up songs and reminiscing, just like I used to do after leaving camp as a child.”

-Lisa Barnett Johnson

Lisa and her family

“We absolutely love LLYC Alumni Weekend at Family Camp for a variety of reasons. When we first started attending, Headwaters hadn’t been built, so we were at Singing Hills. That was when I was first blessed with the opportunity to share LLYC with my kids — when they were younger and absolutely terrified of the idea of being away from home in the summer. I was also blessed with the opportunity to reconnect with people I grew up with at LLYC as a camper and on Work Crew and Staff with. These are friendships that last a lifetime (40 years to date — not to date/age myself). This LLYC Alumni weekend was a little more special (not to take away from the other years) as I attended with only my high school daughter.  We had lots of fun and great quality time together, but the lessons at Round Up hit home as they set up conversations and discussions for us to have together.  The rigors of high school, extracurricular activities, and a split family (divorce) can mean very little down time. Family Camp offered us that down time — to be disconnected from technology and devices, to walk and talk without the pressures of schedules and deadlines.”

-Knox Keith

Knox and his daughter

Freaking out because you missed on on such a great time in the Canyon with old friends? Don’t worry, we have an LLYC Alumni weekend at LLFC scheduled for Spring 2019!

The carved/decorated pumpkins of our very own alums. We are so proud.