LLYC Alumni in SA!

It’s been eight years since LLYC Alumni hosted a gathering in San Antonio. Last month they changed that and the gathering was a hit. The perfect blend of company came together for dinner at The Pigpen on a lovely fall evening. This event came on the heels of a wildly successful Alumni happy hour in Austin the previous month. Gatherings have also taken place in Houston and Dallas, but it was San Antonio’s turn again and they loved every minute.

LLYC Alumni Director Sabra Boone said, “ It was such a great night and we saw so many people from all camp eras.”

“It was fun to see everyone gathered together. I got to catch up with friends from when I was a camper and from when I was on staff. No matter how much time goes by we always pick right up where we leave off! Even though we all live in San Antonio, it’s rare to see everyone together and I was so thankful for that opportunity. We all have different lives now but at the foundation of our friendship is the love we have remembering the community that we experienced through Christ at camp.” -Paige Perry

“I always enjoy Laity Reunion events, not only do I get to see the familiar faces of lifelong friends from the canyon but I also get to connect with other alumni in the area.  With all of our lives getting ever more busy, taking a break to relax and spend time with people who you share something so special with brings back that warm summer feeling after you turn into the canyon, roll the windows down and just listen to the splash of the river on the bottom of your truck.  Not to mention the opportunity to relive some of the best stories (that probably gave Chandler a few of his many gray hairs). ” -Miles Matthews

Upcoming LLYC Alumni gatherings will take place in Houston and Dallas next January and February. Be on the lookout for details coming soon!