A group gathered out in the Canyon in during April for the 90’s Alumni Family Camp. They told stories until late in the night and, apart from their offspring snoozing in cabins, it was just like old times.

A huge scroll hung outside the dinning hall, waiting to be marked on. It said:

You Might Be a 90’s Alum if:

(They scribbled:)

  • You got the banana plate and got tossed into the river
  • You spent way too much time strategically decorating your trunk with stickers
  • You’ve climbed “tight panties”
  • You went Buzzard Hunting
  • You still talk about camp pranks like putting dung in girl’s shower heads or laxatives in the guy’s brownies
  • Frog taught you his Dove Recipe
  • You’d still fight to the death for your Group Games Team
  • You ever painted Ulysses for Rodeo
  • You were ever thrown in the Pig Bucket!
  • You are familiar with Playgroup, but have no idea what Canyon Club is
  • You are familiar with Bill Grogan and his goat
  • You’ve seen a nutria in your life
  • Frog ever called you “Bud” because he forgot your name
  • You’ve shaved your legs at 2nd dam (ladies)
  • You’ve been kit-katted
  • You have howled after kissing a girl at camp
  • Have been Sugar Cookied in the sand for mouthing off to the cooks
  • You’ve danced the last song to Deep in the West
  • You danced in the river during a thunderstorm
  • You’ve been in a felch pit war
  • You drank Kool-Aide until you puked
  • You still love the smell of dial soap
  • You were baptized by Frog
  • You sang old ben lucas
  • You married someone with a camp connection
  • Daddy longlegs were all over your cabin
  • You can finish this line: “dirt, dirt, dirt, boogers in your nose….”
  • You’ve been pantsed
  • You took box fans to college
  • You had “felch shoes” by the end of your work crew summer
  • You went to Mexico on your day off and brought cross necklaces back for all of your campers
  • You went to Ingram Dam on your day off, slept in a seedy motel in Kerrville with five people