Mr. Miles Matthews

How many summers did you spend in the Canyon? 

Camper from 1997-2001 (Yes, my parents still have the VHS tapes!)

LLYC Staff 2006-2010 (Media Team 3 summers and Transportation Director 2 summers)

LLFC Staff 2013

What are you up to these days?

After College I moved home to San Antonio and began working for a small independent physician’s office before going back to school for a Master’s Degree. I was lucky that my summer off also coincided with the opening of LLFC Headwaters, so I was able to have one last summer in The Canyon. After that summer, I attended UIW in San Antonio and received my Master’s in Health Administration. Since graduation, I have been working for The San Antonio Orthopedic Group first as a Financial Analyst and now I run Business Development for the group. Outside of work, I am a relatively new homeowner. I spent the first 8 months completely gutting and rebuilding most of my house and could probably give some of the HGTV stars a run for their money when it comes to before and after photos.

Do you have a favorite camp memory?

I have far too many favorite camp memories to count, but some of the most fun I ever had at camp was at Roundup. I’ve never been the type of guy who can entertain the campers with a funny skit (I tried an accent once and it was awful), but when I worked on the Media Team one of my responsibilities was setting up and running Roundup at Echo Valley. This gave me the unique opportunity to play a part in one of the most beautiful things that happens in the Canyon…worship.


What do you miss most about your summers at camp?

Community! Whether it was time spent working rodeo, floating the Frio, or on my back underneath a camp truck, work at camp never really felt like work. When you spend weeks in such close proximity to fellow Christians all working toward the same purpose, the troubles of the world just get quieter and fall away.

How does LLYC still impact your life today?

The same community. Both of my roommates worked at camp and the majority of my life-group are LLYC Alums. If I were to have all my friends over, I could tell you exactly how we share some connection to camp, even if they have never set foot in The Canyon, their spouse or our mutual friend has worked there. That is what makes Laity such an important place in my life.