Hello Singing Hills family!

Summer simply doesn’t feel right without you, and we are trying our absolute best to send you a little piece of camp for the next nine weeks. Yup, you read that right! We are leaving the sessions behind for now and inviting all of our Singing Hills campers from every session to experience camp each week in a new and exciting way this summer. Yeehaw!

Look forward to camp-ish content like recorded skits, games, and stories from our programmers, recipes, activities, and crafts from our kitchen and programming teams, storybook bible readings from different staff members, and discussion questions to get us thinking outside the box together. We know an email will never replace swim time in Blue Hole or chug-n-crush at Roundup, but hopefully, we can send a small taste of Singing Hills into your homes this summer. You deserve it. We love y’all, and we will be back next week with more Singing Hills fun in your inbox and on this page!

Beck Marlar and Molly McIntire

Blue Hole Adventure
with Kalindi & Jace

Meet your 2020 central staff!

Cabin Time Readings

June 22, 2020: Bible reading with Russel

Discussion questions:

What is the best present you have ever received? What made it so special?
What present did God ask Abraham to give to him?
What does this story teach you about God?


June 15, 2020: Bible reading with Jordan

Discussion questions:

What are your favorites thing in nature?
What did God say after he created things?
What did he say after he created Adam and Eve?
What do you learn about God from reading the story?

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