Parents, we are so glad you want to stay in touch with your campers and allow friends and relatives to reach out to them each summer. Please be aware of our Bunk Note and Bunk Reply policy.

Bunk Note Deliveries

Our Sugar Shack team prints and delivers Bunk Notes Monday through Friday, with the cutoff being 8 am on the morning of deliveries. This means an email sent on Friday morning at 10:00 am would not be delivered to the camper until Monday.

Bunk Notes Express

Bunk Notes Express make it easier than ever to send messages to campers and to invite others to send messages to campers. Parents, when you share a Bunk Notes Express email account with others, please communicate LLYC’s policy about inappropriate notes and replies below.

Bunk Reply Deliveries

Bunk Replies are uploaded for delivery to parents between 3-4 pm, Monday through Friday This means a Bunk Reply turned in from a camper after mail pick-up on Friday morning would not be delivered until Monday between 3-4 pm.

Inappropriate Notes and Replies

Please be aware that we print and hand deliver your email messages to campers, which means we end up screening all messages and images you send through Bunk1. We are also liable for the content of each message that comes through our Bunk1 system. If messages are deemed inappropriate by our camp directors (vulgar, hurtful, threatening, explicitly sexual, etc.), we reserve the right not to deliver those messages. Thank you for helping us keep LLYC a safe and positive environment for campers!