When Alums Prank LLFC Staffers

Roughly four LLYC Alums instigated several pranks on the LLFC staff this summer. Shoe polishing cars was the first phase, the soft roll out, if you will. Children and spouses of said alums ran around responding to college and frat bumper stickers with snarky phrases such as those seen below, eventually polishing all staff cars at Linnets Wings (where the LLFC stays while they work at Headwaters). Some were done well and others were literally done by kindergartners.





Meanwhile, the men went about filling canoes with water and putting them in cabins, tying doors shut, and pulling all of the predictable pranks. This was all masterfully executed during their morning staff meeting, so their retaliation came that night while the alums were at Rodeo.


LLFC counselors filled up pool floats, balloons, bounce houses and installed them upon the family campers’ returns from Rodeo.  They couldn’t walk into their cabins until all inflatables were deflated. This was extremely educational for the kids, who got a BIG kick out of the whole thing.

It was a good prank, safe for small children. The families ultimately congratulated the counselors on a job well done, a clever prank and then “put it all to bed.”

UNTIL a couple of those same alums ventured out later that night and planted Bluetooth speakers in the trees, using a “terrifying wildlife calls” app to scare the LLFC counselors on their walk back from Headwaters to Linnets that night. Verdict: Alums for the win!