The Makings of a Great Care Package

Whether you’ve got a first timer or veteran LLYC camper, care packages are always a special part of the camp experience—a welcomed reminder that they are missed while away. Big or small—campers love getting them and uncovering the fun surprises inside.  

What makes the best care package for your LLYC Camper? Here are some great ideas from long-time campers and parents.


While the food at camp is delicious and abundant, nothing beats a special treat from home. Topping the list are grandma’s cookies, flavored popcorn, gum, trail mix, energy bars, jerky, fruit strips, and variety snacks. When thinking about which treats to send, here are some great tips:

  • Out of an abundance of caution, we kindly ask that you not send any nut products in care packages. Also, please observe any additional cabin/session allergy restrictions sent to you via email. If a severe food allergy is present at your child’s session, care packages are thoroughly checked and any questionable food items are removed.
  • Consider food items that can withstand the Texas heat. While chocolate bars are delicious, they can quickly become a gooey mess. 
  • When packing homemade cookies, remember to stick in a piece of bread. The bread keeps the cookies soft and delicious for a few extra days.
  • Care packages often get shared amongst cabin mates. Find out how many people are in your camper’s cabin (don’t forget the counselors!) and include a shareable treat for all. Your kiddo will be the hero!


Free time activities are also high on the care package request list. Some favorites include: friendship bracelet kits, card games, Madlibs, camp journals, nail art sets, discussion starter cards, books, frisbees, temporary tattoos, and games.

How about a book on braids? Many of our female campers love to braid hair at camp. Sitting on the cabin porch braiding and talking is a great way to meet new friends.


Hoping to hear back from your camper? Consider including a collection of pre-addressed/stamped postcards and envelopes. Send a postcard made out to the younger sibling who’s really missing big brother. One mom even suggested writing a couple questions on a page leaving room after each for a short answer. Or how about a fun fill-in-the-blank. “The best place I visited at camp so far was _____ because ______.” You might be surprised how well this works for campers of all ages. You could also make your own funny, personalized Madlibs for your camper.


Extra toiletries, sunscreen, or a few luxury items are always fun. Campers might love getting a surprise travel-sized fun scent, towel wrap cover up, an after-sun soother, or a new pair of sunglasses. 

Are you traveling while your kids are at camp? A t-shirt, souvenir, or captioned photos from your trip make great care package stuffers for your camper.  


Speaking of photos, how about including a disposable waterproof camera with a campy list of “must take” photos? Here are some good examples: You and a new or old friend, cabin time, you and your counselors, etc. Or for a splurge item, how about an instant camera with fun film?

Sugar Shack Options

Don’t have time to whip up a care package? No problem. The Sugar Shack provides care package options. Simply go to your online account, and select the items you would like included. The sugar shack staff will put it all together in a nice bag and deliver it to your camper.

What not to send:

Wondering what to leave at home? Take a second to review our list of contraband items at the bottom of our camper packing list.

Remember, like a lot of things in life, when it comes to care packages, big or small, it really is the thought that counts.