Spring 2017 LLFC Alumni Weekend

Spring 2017’s Alumni LLFC was a weekend for the books. Our beloved Sloan Bonfield Baker led music, setting a sweet tone for the entire weekend. Siblings abounded as Travis and Toby Baker AND Amy Williams and Lisa Anderson filled the Headwaters cabins.


Sloan Bonfield Baker –          Alum & Weekend Musician


Charles McCurly - Weekend Camp Doctor

Charles McCurly –                           Alum & Weekend Camp Doctor

The Kelly-Allison-Dee trifecta was in full force, as well as the following camp unions that have now bloomed into families:

  • Sanches/Emmett
  • Edgerton/Brosnan
  • Creecy/Chilton
  • Geib/Bluntzer


We loved having Greg Rich back in the Canyon along with his wife (who we all loved). And no alumni weekend is complete without the Drs. McCurly on the medical front (and boy are their adorable twin girls getting big). The Canyon is always more delightful with a Swantner present, so we were glad Matt brought the family along. Stacy Vigil Collier’s children are squeezably cute. Brent Hill still has and rocks his sweet gas station staff shirt from ’98, while Patrick and Monet Lessner’s party of five is as precious as can be. And who doesn’t love Aubrey Lewis Shay’s crew! You can always count on Brad Philp and family to add spoonfuls of fun to Roundup. And what a treat to have Michael Jarrett and family to round out the weekend. The weather was cool, the company was refreshing and the weekend was the perfect dose of camp to get us hyped up for summer. All my life’s a circle. And so it is.