Echo Valley campers!

Hope you enjoy this little care package we put together for you. We want you to know that we truly missed having you in the canyon this summer. Although this snazzy LLYC blanket probably isn’t big enough to dry all your tears about missing camp, we hope it will at least provide some comfort while we all wait until we can be together in the canyon again! In the meantime, pop on your new MOG bracelet or find the perfect spot to stick your Rooted sticker, snuggle up in your blanket, and hang in there!

Yo Guys Side!

We hope you had a chance to read the weekly Echo Valley Roundup newsletters we sent out this summer. If not, you can get caught up here! If you followed along, you may remember that our MOG (Men of God) verse for 2020 was 1 Timothy 6:11-12.
Every summer, we give our guy campers a MOG bracelet to take home that references the summer’s verse. Pandemic or not, we didn’t want to skip that this year! We hope you will wear it as a reminder of the deep and powerful truth that you are a beloved Man of God and that Christ is always present, calling you to love, learn, and continue to discover your true self no matter what craziness or challenges you face in life.

MOG Devotionals

Hellooo Girls Side!

In this summer’s Echo Valley Roundup Newsletter, some of our counselors shared their thoughts as we dove into 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 together. If you are new to Rooted, Ponder, or did not get a chance to see any of the amazing counselor devotionals on these words, follow the link below for access to all of the summer resources. The “June 22 video with Jacqueline” explains what Rooted and Ponder are, and there is a Discussion Worksheet you can download that explains the Ponder process. 
Inside your care package is a sticker sheet highlighting the words we took time to Ponder together. We hope this leads you to continue to look into these verses, or connected verses, on your own at home.

Rooted Devotionals

As we move forward in 2020, may the love of Christ inspire you as you relate to God, yourself and others. And may we all embody the acceptance, the joy, and the freedom of camp in all we do. Can’t wait for you to see a new and improved Echo Valley after all the construction is finished! Until then!

Much love,
Tom and Jacqueline

Welcome to the weekly LLYC Echo Valley Roundup!

We really miss seeing your faces in the Canyon, but are so glad you are here! This newsletter is our way of bringing a small piece of camp to your home with MOG and Rooted content, fun activities to do at home, and more — all brought to you by your Summer 2020 Echo Valley team. Thanks for tuning in with us. We love you and can’t wait for when we get to see you soon!

Tom Bowyer and Jacqueline Brustkern


LLYC Summer Fun

Explore camp at home this summer!

LLYC Roundup Games

Closing Day Activities

Welcome to the final Echo Valley Weekly Roundup of the summer! This week features MOG and Rooted content on Gratitude and Perseverance, and a trip to everyone’s favorite swimming spot at camp — Blue Hole! In the spirit of closing out, we’ve included some ways to have your own closing day at home. Thanks for tuning in with us. We love you and can’t wait for when we get to see you soon!

Psalm 107:2
“Let the redeemed of the Lord say so…”

On the last night of every Echo Valley session in the summer, we spend time discussing ways in which God has shown up during our time together. We call this time Say So based on the verse Psalm 107:2. It is a treasured time where we get to hear stories about new friendships, friends overcoming their fears, or learning something new about God – just to name a few. Although this summer has looked different, we encourage you to take time to have your own “say so” with your friends and/or family. Some ideas for discussion:

  • Have you learned something new about God this summer?
  • How have your relationships strengthened or changed?
  • Did you try anything new this summer?
  • What have been some of the small joys that have come out of this summer?


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